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Give your child a story that will transport them to a magical universe where they will be the main hero. Thanks to our innovative story creation tool based on artificial intelligence, all you need to do is enter your child's first name, a place or any other information to instantly generate a captivating story that will feature them. Immerse your child in a personalized adventure they will never forget. And the best part? It's free!

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How to create a personalized story?

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Start imagining the story.

Who? What? Where? Provide some information for a real personalized story:

  • Child's first name
  • Place where the story takes place
  • Story theme
  • Etc.
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Let the magic happen!

Artificial intelligence and our expertise take over! Please wait a few minutes before discovering your unique and captivating story that will feature your child as the hero of their own tale.

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Enjoy your personalized story with your child.

Enjoy a story where your child is the hero and an even more fun and interactive reading experience.

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Yes, during the BETA phase (we continue to test and improve our tool) our amazing tool is offered 100% for free. However, we impose a limitation of 2 stories created per day maximum per user in order to allow everyone to use our tool in good conditions. If you receive an error message indicating that you have exceeded this limit, come back tomorrow: you will be able to create 2 fabulous personalized stories for free again!

You can indicate a real place (a city or a more specific place - or both!) or an imaginary place. Here are some examples:

  • at home, in London
  • in the Caribbean
  • at school
  • at Parkside primary school in NYC
  • on the moon
  • on a boat in the middle of the ocean
  • on a plane
  • in a magical forest
  • in a castle
  • etc.

Here are the main cases:

  • Tale: to create a story with marvelous and fantastic elements, intended to entertain and teach a moral lesson.
  • Everyday story: to create a narrative that reflects the real world and everyday life (on subjects such as friendship, family, and school), and aims to develop empathy and understanding in young readers.
  • Fantastic story: to create a story that involves imaginary or supernatural elements, such as magic, mythical creatures, or time travel, intended to awaken imagination and wonder in children.
  • Funny story: to create a humorous narrative, with comic characters and comic situations, intended to make children laugh and entertain them.

The proposed themes are examples. If you have another idea, select "Other theme" at the bottom of the dropdown list. A new form field "Custom theme" will then appear. Enter your specific theme in this field. For example:

  • The knights in the Middle Ages
  • The dentist and cavities
  • The cavemen
  • Computers gone wild
  • Etc.

First of all, it is not mandatory to provide secondary characters. You can provide secondary characters to include family members (dad, mom, etc.) or the child's friends. You can also provide their pets (dog or cat) and even the name of their favorite stuffed animal! Finally, you can indicate the name of a famous person that the child likes (a singer, a cartoon character, etc.) - in this case, only indicate their name and leave the field regarding the connection with the child as "(not specified)".

You can provide up to 3 additional pieces of information to personalize your story with details from your daily life or elements to guide the writing and address specific topics. For example:

  • What the story should be about:
    • The story should be about school
    • The story should address the topic of homosexuality
    • The story should be about bullying
  • Information about the secondary characters:
    • The little boy's younger sister is 2 years old.
    • The parents of the little girl are both doctors.
    • The family lives in an apartment in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.
  • Information about the main character:
    • The little boy is afraid of the dark
    • The little girl doesn't like going to school
    • The princess likes strawberry ice cream
  • Elements to build the story's plot:
    • A car accident occurs on the highway
    • The princess has to face a dragon to rescue the prince
    • The president calls the little boy to ask for his help in saving the world.

In short, use your imagination to personalize your story as best as possible! You must write concisely and without spelling mistakes for it to work effectively.